Mrs by Caitlin Macy

mrscaitlinmacyI liked this book a lot. The lives of the people in this book are nothing like mine, but the author draws you into their world, shows you what’s important to them (money, status, belonging, love, power, children, children with attainments, money and of course, money) and then tells you a tale. We all live in village and so do these New York sophisticates, the hedge fund manager living cheek-by-jowl with the federal prosecutor and the no-nonsense principal of the most desirable kindergarten. The most golden of the golden couples – Jed Skinker and Philippa Lye – are the characters who gain my sympathy most. For all of Jed’s compounded privilege and Philippa’s self-destructiveness, they have character, when the chips are down, they know how to behave. The other characters seem so vulnerable and insecure in their uber-lives, lives which might seem rock-solid to people who live outside that sub-sub-sub-culture of New York. Pick up a copy and read it!

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